Our name incorporates not only what our group of companies aim to achieve but also the means by which to achieve them: Achieving sustainable farming and produce through biocentric practices allowing us to improve the quality of human life while living within the capacity of a thriving regenerative ecosystem.

About Vicentia


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Our Ethos

Our goal is to provide the knowledge and support to nourish and heal the world through a balanced approach and understanding that we all need to co-exist in the best way we can, to operate within the natural law and to strive for a sustainable, prosperous world. At Vicentia, we do not pigeonhole ourselves with one belief system but instead, strive to understand industry boundaries and ethical dilemmas and try to find a balance that allows us to present solutions to the greatest demands on our world. Biocentrism encompasses all environmental ethics that extend the status of moral object from human beings to all living things in nature. It ethically calls for a rethink of how humans share an existence with nature.